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Dr. Hong Chia-Wen


From the year 2011 to 2023, Professor Hong Chia-Wen served as an adjunct lecturer at various universities including National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology in the Department of Money and Banking, I-Show University in the International Department of Finance and the Department of Medicine, Shu-Te University in the Departments of Finance and Business Management, as well as Cheng Shiu University in the Department of Business Management. Her teaching responsibilities included courses such as Global Financial News Analysis (Taught in English), Macroeconomics, Fixed Income Securities, Financial Markets, Consumer Behavior, English Composition and Reading (Taught in English), TOEIC Preparation Class (Taught in English), and Business English.

During her tenure at I-Show University, Professor Hong Chia-Wen led students from the Department of International Finance and Medicine to obtain the TOEIC certification successfully. These students achieved outstanding results and nearly all of them received the TOEIC Golden Certificate. In the realm of teaching, she excelled in crafting enrollment materials, designing marketing strategies, implementing online marketing techniques, and integrating an E-learning approach into English language instruction. Her expertise extended to subjects such as financial investment portfolios and financial marketing, both of which garnered significant positive feedback from her students.

Professor Hong Chia-Wen holds dual master's degrees and a doctoral degree. She obtained a Master of Arts in English Teaching from Washington University in the United States, a Master in Finance from Chaoyang University of Technology, and a Doctor of Management from National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology. She has presented papers at conferences and published in journals between 2018 and 2022, including:

1. "Analysis of Value-at-Risk of Reverse Mortgage Loan in Taiwan." (Published in BAI Seoul Conference Proceedings)

2. "The Optimal Housing Price Modeling: Growing of House Price and Income in Taiwan." (Published in ICBBD Tokyo Conference Proceedings)

3. "Researching on Creating Influences to Explore Customer Participation versus Value from Customers’ and Employees’ Perspectives: Taking Bank Professional Services as an Example." (Published in MRRDS Osaka Conference Proceedings)

4. "Exploring customer participation and value." (Published in WSEAS Transactions on Business and Economics, ISSN/E-ISSN: 1109-9526 / 2224-2899, Volume 18, 2021.)

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